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For Antonio “A. Johnz” Johnson, growing up in small town of Leland, Mississippi presented many life challenges, that his passion for music and sports help him overcome. A Johnz’s first love was a soulful sound that tells a story of life, “MUSIC”! A. Johnz started singing and writing at a very young age; perfecting his skill by singing around his small home town. Adapting to the melodies of the greats before him A. Johnz developed a southern sound like no other. Studying the sounds of Luther Vandross, Dave Hollister, Smokie Robinson, Guy, Avant, Donell Jones,Gerald Levert,and Sam Cooke; A. Johnz knew his dreams were beyond the Casio Keyboard and Yasaki karaoke cassette player.

Before developing into the singer and songwriter A. Johnz; Antonio was Known as the artist “Big Mook” and released an album called “Bringing Love Back” which has sold over 10,000 copies (streams and downloads). While continuing to perfect his craft and attending numerous music business events, A. Johnz had a vision to recreate himself as an artist. Evolving into an artist whose life experiences displayed beautifully on his musical canvas. This showed a Man of many talents.

Antonio second love was baseball followed by football. His ambition to be successful in all aspects of life, lead to A. Johnz becoming the only MSU football player to be selected in the 2007 NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans. Not only being drafted, he had a successful career expanding nearly a decade in the league. Not giving up on his first love, A. Johnz continued his music career while being active in the NFL as well. The passion doesn’t stop! He continued to attend music conferences and released music independently through major outlets.

After, A. Johnz retired from professional sports; he decided to peruse music professionally full time. Having an entrepreneur mind (He once owned multiple businesses: such as a restaurant and a gym, but he sold his stake in both businesses to direct his full focus and energy towards his music!) A. Johnz is developing a blueprint to take the music industry by storm. A New beginning, A Soulful Sound, A New way! A. Johnz is the co-founder of Sipp Soul Entertainment LLC. along with business partner Melvin "Mel" Miller.